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Below you can find a collection of articles and resources for Teaching Artists. Check back as we continue to update this list!

  1. This 2003 article by Eric Booth, one of the leading proponents for the field of teaching artistry, answers a few of the fundamental questions about Teaching Artists such as, What is a teaching artist and What is the difference between Artist and Teaching Artist? Click here to read “The Emergence of the Teaching Artist,” by Eric Booth.
  2. “The Teaching Artist Handbook,” Nick Jaffe, Becca Barniskis, Barbara Hackett Cox. Click here to view the full handbook. 
  3. The Association of Teaching Artists covers a lot of frequently asked questions and lists many of the best resources to learn more about the Teaching Artist profession. Click here to view lists of the best resources for TA info.
  4. Arts for Learning, The Indiana Affiliate of Young Audiences, defines teaching artist as someone who is a professional artist, performing/creating/presenting at a professional level, who also has skills in teaching through training and/or equivalent experience. Other organizations have different definitions, but almost all agree that it is in some way a balance between practicing artist and teaching professional. Click here to check out how The Association of Teaching Artists defines a teaching artist.

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