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Malke Rosenfeld

About the artist

Malke Rosenfeld is a percussive dance teaching artist based in Bloomington, Indiana. Malke began her career as a teaching artist in 1998 and has been on the Arts for Learning roster since 2003. With a B.A. in Social Sciences and Epistemology from The Evergreen State College in Olympia, WA, Malke has always been interested in how children learn; her teaching deftly blends both practice and theory in the classroom.  Malke’s upcoming book draws on research in math education and embodied cognition to make the case for how and why the body is the perfect partner in learning math. “Learning by doing in an interdisciplinary setting can be a powerful experience for all learners,” she says. “In Math in Your Feet, students engage in the process of making their own percussive dance patterns while thinking mathematically. This allows them to easily learn and apply math concepts to their creative work.”
Malke presented a talk about her Math in Your Feet program at TEDxBloomington 2013 but prefers to share her strategies with other educators in active, hands-on workshops. She loves watching teachers and children alike make their own math-informed dance patterns. “I really enjoy creating the environment in which children become dance makers and math makers, and I love the look of satisfaction on their faces when they realize they’ve worked hard and have a completely original percussive dance step to show for it.” To learn more about Malke, visit her website

You can see another video of Math in Your Feet at


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