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Michael Mirabile

About the artist

Michael Mirabile studied at the School of Visual Arts in NY, NY. During his time there he received a B.F.A in Illustration and studied printmaking. He currently designs and prints his own designs with the silkscreen and block printing techniques. He loves drawing and making artwork.  Sharing his work and skills with others brings him a great deal of satisfaction.


Carving into Curriculum



Do you have a book you are exploring with your students in Language Arts or an historical event you are studying in Social Studies? However you would like to delve more deeply into your curriculum, Michael Mirabile can take you there through his artistry.  Let your students create a visual exploration of your unit of study through the art of linoleum block printmaking. In this two day workshop Michael will design a printmaking workshop based around a topic you are discussing in class. Students will research and design an idea for their prints based off a topic you would like them to explore more deeply. Once students have their designs they will carve them out on blocks and produce an actual print as their final product.


This program meets standards in 21st Century Skills Communication Critical Thinking Language Arts Life Skills Math Patterns & Sequence Problem Solving Social Studies Teamwork
  • Grades: 3-56-89-12
  • Length: 91 min
  • Audience Limit: 30
Single: $155 Materials: $30

(includes two 45min workshops )

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