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Mundo Beat

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Based in Indianapolis, the Mundo Beat Band is comprised of experienced musicians who specialize in taking students on a musical journey of Latin American countries and music. The band has been working together for 15 years, and includes musician Stacie Sandoval, who recently won the 2013 Chicago Music Award. In many cases, the students who witness the Mundo Beat Band are being exposed to Latin music for the first time in their lives. And they don’t just learn about terrific Latin music; they also learn about world cultures, geography, performance and public speaking skills, and more. Through their lively, highly rhythmic, and education-focused approach to performance, the Mundo Beat Band strives to instill a curiosity in students about different kinds of music. And if a few kids are inspired to pick up an instrument or start singing themselves (and they often are), all the better. To learn more about the Mundo Beat Band, visit their website.


Musical Tour of Latin America


A variety of musical styles teach students the differences between salsa, merengue, cumbia, and cha cha cha and the locations they come from. Students will sing, dance, and play instruments with the band.

This program meets standards in Social Studies South/Central Amer. & Carribean Culture World History & Culture
  • Grades: K-23-56-89-12
  • Length: 45 min
  • Audience Limit: 300
Single: $649 Double: $908

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