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Next Great Architects

About the artist

Next Great Architects is led by Kionna Walker who is an architect with experience designing a range of spaces. As a child, Kionna enjoyed drawing and putting things together. In the eighth grade she was exposed to Industrial Arts which combined drawing and building. It was then that she knew she wanted to be an Architect. The fire that ignited her passion was seeing that all of the men in her family were skilled carpenters.


Art and Architecture: Residential Planning


Students will be presented with two-dimensional rooms to configure their own unique floor plan. Students will learn spatial problem solving, design exploration and application of imagination. In multiple sessions students will expand their designs to include furniture and/or site planning.

This program meets standards in 21st Century Skills Communication Critical Thinking Life Skills Math Patterns & Sequence Teamwork Technology
  • Grades: 3-56-89-12
  • Length: 45 min
  • Audience Limit: 30
Single: $90 Double: $80 Materials: 30

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