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Sancocho, (san-KO-choh) is a stew in Latin America that combines meats, vegetables and spices to create a unique taste. Using this metaphor, the ensemble (founded in 1995 by Iris Rosa Santiago and A.J. ‘Tony’ Artis focuses on music and dance traditions from the African diaspora that are Spanish-speaking and have strong African cultural retentions, such as Rumba and Bailes Orishas from Cuba and Bomba from Puerto Rico. The artistic director, Iris Rosa, and musical director, Andre Rosa-Artis, lead a group of drummers and dancers to combine a delicious concoction that is sure to satisfy your musical appetite!

Iris Rosa is a former professor in the department of African American and African Diaspora Studies and Director of the African American Dance Company at Indiana University. Her specialties are teaching and choreography in the genres of contemporary, modern, jazz, and traditional dance.

Tony Artis works as a freelance musician in Indianapolis and is an accomplished percussionist, drum maker, and bass guitarist.  He has worked with dancers and theatres and presents workshops throughout the city and state.




Music and Dance Collage

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Double $616
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