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Theon Lee

About the artist

Theon Lee is an Indianapolis-native performance artist, in the fields of Hip Hop (Emcee), Poetry (Spoken word), and Folk (vocalist/guitarist/songwriter). Since 2010, Theon has performed to a diverse crowd across the mid west region, and has recently (within the last five years) rooted himself in Teaching Artisty. He has worked with schools (Elementary/Middle/High), Recreational/After school programs, and At-Risk-Youth Programs. As of 2016, Theon joined forces with the Arts For Learning, in which they developed a curriculum that introduces Hip Hop to Mathematics (1’s & 2’s).”



Ones and Twos



When it comes to the subject of math, the very first thing we see students take to is pattern. As years go on, we discover that many of our youth  never learn or forget to apply patterns, leaving them behind the learning curve. Newest to the catalogue of programs and workshops is “1’s & 2’s”: A Human Beat boxing workshop that incorporates both Math and one of the subcultures in Hip Hop, known as beat boxing. This workshop is introduced as a game, which uses numbers, symbolism, and onomatopoeia to turn puzzles into interactive music. The program guarantees that students will leave understanding the correlation between arithmetic, music, and pattern as it pertains to a form of composition.

This program meets standards in Creative Writing Listening & Speaking Math Patterns & Sequence Poetry Social Studies U.S. History & Culture
  • Grades: K-23-56-89-12
  • Length: 45 min
  • Audience Limit: 28
Single: $85 Multiple: $75

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