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Donor Feature: Chubb Insurance

By Taylor, Development Intern

I had the privilege of interviewing Chubb Insurance’s Indiana Branch Manager, Allison Meta a few days ago. Allison has been with Chubb Insurance since 1994 and was appointed the Indiana Branch Manager in 2003. Chubb is the 12th largest property and casualty insurer in the United States and has a worldwide network of some 120 offices in 26 countries staffed by 10,200 employees. Arts for Learning is very fortunate to have generous corporate donors such as Chubb Insurance.

Honestly, going into the interview, I was nervous about speaking with a corporate donor and was slightly intimidated, but Allison was very down to earth and very nice to talk to. I had the opportunity to ask Allison a few questions about Chubb’s interaction with Arts for Learning and her personal experiences with the arts, philanthropy, and her life.

The interview is below:

Me: How did Chubb insurance get involved with Arts for Learning?

  • Allison: Jeff Webster (board member for AFL) introduced us to AFL, with our similar clientele, we know many of the same people in the community, and it seemed like a good fit.

Me: How would you describe Arts for Learning to an outsider who knows nothing of the organization?

  • Allison: “It provides the opportunity to educate young people about the importance of art and expressiveness. It’s more important than just what they learn in the classroom.”

Me: Why does Arts for Learning matter to you? Why give to this organization?

  • Allison: I like to see the artists and actually getting to experience what you do as an organization. I am very passionate about the children. It starts with the children, their innocence.

Me: If you could change the world, how would you do it?

  • Allison: I would give every child an opportunity to succeed. It is important to educate young people and to show them their potentials.

Me: What is one dream of yours that you would like to see accomplished?

  • Allison: Seeing experiences through the eyes of a child, whether that is with mission work and impacting that in a positive way.

Me: Who are some of your mentors in life that affected your career?

  • Allison: I have fantastic parents that showed me the way and encouraged me to be myself. I also had great mentors early in my career that gave me the opportunities I needed to succeed.

Me: How does your personal philanthropy reflect your values?

  • Allison: I am very passionate about showing younger generations their importance. I volunteer for Girls, Inc. and I want to impact the world in a positive way, through mission work or other forms of charity.

Me: What kind of legacy do you want to leave?

  • Allison: I wish that people would say that I seek to understand in a nonjudgmental and supportive way. That I get a thrill out of seeing people succeed and developing themselves. I wish to have an impact on someone else’s life.

Me: Do you have any advice for me in my journey as a young professional?

  • Allison:  Find something that you are passionate about and run with it. Be yourself and do what makes you happy.


As I said before, Arts for Learning is very fortunate to have donors as generous as Chubb Insurance. Arts for Learning is even more fortunate to have advocates such as Allison Meta who care so much about people and this organization. Thank you so much, Allison for the wonderful talk!

August 11, 2014

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