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Why Elementary Schools Teach the Recorder

recorderBy David Johnson, Event Marketing Intern

If you have ever had a child go through elementary school there is a good chance they were introduced to the recorder at some point. The recorder is a simple woodwind instrument that closely resembles the flute. It distinguishes itself from other woodwind instrument by having holes for seven fingers (see picture on right).

As stated in past blogs exposing children to different forms of art early in life will lead to greater success in their future.

The recorder is a perfect starter instrument for kids around 3rd grade. It is relatively cheap, not easily breakable, lightweight, portable, and does not require extensive breathing to make sound. Finding an instructor to teach the recorder is not difficult either.

Just like with any starter instrument this will help your child become better at reading sheet music, understanding the sound of different notes, and an introductory instrument in the year or two before the larger band instruments become physically viable for students.

November 7, 2014

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