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  • Poetry, Hip Hop, and Confidence

    Tony Styxx

    21st Century Skills Communication Creative Writing Language Arts Life Skills Listening & Speaking Poetry

    Using spoken word poetry, hip hop lyrics, and beatboxing, this performance encourages students to be confident and courageous in trying new things. This performance helps students get excited about poetry as the artist illustrates how he uses words to create meaningful imagery.

    • Grades: 3-56-89-12
    • Length: 43 min
    • Audience Limit: 300
    Single: $300 Double: $562
  • Art and Architecture: Residential Planning

    Next Great Architects

    21st Century Skills Communication Critical Thinking Life Skills Math Patterns & Sequence Teamwork Technology

    Students will be presented with two-dimensional rooms to configure their own unique floor plan. Students will learn spatial problem solving, design exploration and application of imagination. In multiple sessions students will expand their designs to include furniture and/or site planning.

    • Grades: 3-56-89-12
    • Length: 45 min
    • Audience Limit: 30
    Single: $85 Double: $75 Materials: 30
  • Elements of Pop Music

    Communication Creative Writing Listening & Speaking Teamwork

    Working together in small groups, students will create their own lyrics and rhythm. After a performance of an original song, the artist will lead a discussion about the elements of a pop song. Students will be encouraged to use teamwork skills and effective communication to create their music.

    • Grades: 6-89-12
    • Length: 45 min
    • Audience Limit: 30
    Single: $85 Multiple: $75
  • Sounds of Change: Songwriting and Environmental Activism (Limited Availability)

    Bobbie Lancaster (Limited Availability)

    Communication Creative Writing Environmental Poetry U.S. History & Culture

    Students will incorporate their knowledge of environmental issues, and the theme chosen by their teacher, to write an original protest/activist song. They will be briefly introduced to segments of protest songs from different eras in American History. Students will work in groups to create their own protest song.

    • Grades: 3-56-89-12
    • Length: 45 min
    • Audience Limit: 30
    Single: $85 Multiple: $75 Per Day: $375 (Limit of 5 per day)

    Mileage from Greencastle, IN additional