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Frequently Asked Questions

First and foremost, we serve the children of Indiana who are our young audiences. We serve them by making arts programs – performances, workshops, and residencies – with professional teaching artists available to them in their schools and in other locations that serve them.

Artists in our catalogue and on our roster are the finest teaching artists in Indiana. All of our artists are talented, professional working artists who came to us with the desire to bring their work to kids. Approval as an Arts for Learning artist is a year-long process that includes multiple auditions in front of our board, staff, and also kids to ensure the artists’ quality. Then, artists work with our education staff to create a program that meets the curriculum needs of schools. A thorough background check is also conducted annually to protect the safety of your children.

Arts for Learning artists do not offer private, or small group, long-term instruction directly through Arts for Learning. Our performances are generally designed for a one-time larger assembly, and our classroom workshops generally occur over one to three class periods for a specific project. Our programs introduce students to the arts, spark their curiosity, give them the opportunity to meet and work with a professional artist, and provide multiple curriculum connections for educators to use in their own classrooms. However, many of the artists, and arts organizations we partner with, do offer long-term instruction that takes place outside of the school.

Having specialists like this in your school is the best way to improve your students’ arts education. However, Arts for Learning programs are a wonderful supplement to your existing programs. We offer more than 200 different programs, created by artists who are experts in their areas – from Japanese folk singing to hand-made books – and all developed with the goal of bringing your curriculum to life.

Arts for Learning programs range from $75 and up.

Arts for Learning asks that payment be sent to our offices approximately 2 weeks after your event. Purchase orders need to be received before the first date of your booking.

A month’s notice is appreciated for most artists; more time may be necessary depending on the artist you choose.

Because of our own fundraising efforts, the cost of the program to you is significantly less than what it would cost if you booked a program through a for-profit agency or group. Also, through our Arts Partners program and Run for the Arts, Arts for Learning is often able to assist you in finding matching funds for our programs. Please remember that all of our artists are professionals who deserve to get paid for their work.

Unless otherwise noted with their program information in the catalogue, most artists are from the Indianapolis area.

In most cases, yes. For artists based in Indianapolis, charges will be added to cost of programming scheduled for travel outside the Indy metro area. Contact for details and estimates.


Artists’ set-up times vary, but anticipate 15-30 minutes before your first program of the day. Arts for Learning encourages all artists to contact the school before the day of the event.

Start with the Curriculum Connections Key in our catalogue. For more information, and copies of our Program Guides, either call or e-mail us and we would be happy to provide this information

When questionable weather conditions are predicted, please let your scheduling contact know how to locate your school on a local news delay/cancellation list, and that will be shared with the Artist. If notifications need to be made outside regular office hours, emergency contact info for someone at the school and the Artist can be exchanged in advance. We will make every attempt to reschedule the affected event(s)

If the event(s) truly cannot be rescheduled, but notice is given more than 2 weeks in advance, there will be no financial penalty. If notification of cancelation is given with less than 2 weeks notice, partial payment may be required.

Still have questions? Contact Arts for Learning, the Indiana Affiliate of Young Audiences. Call 317-925-4043 ext. 114 or e-mail

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