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The Importance of the Arts

By Cassie Grooms, Event Marketing Intern

AFL blogSome of you may know that the arts programs in schools are slowly dwindling down these days. It is a shame, but it is the truth. Luckily, we still have organizations like Arts for Learning that are dedicated to keeping the arts alive in our children’s lives. If you don’t believe children need to be exposed to the arts, here are three facts that may change your mind.


  1.  The arts develop both independence and collaboration.
  2.  They give kids the opportunities to express themselves freely and help bring their imagination to life.
  3.  Arts have the ability to bring people together, no matter what their background, social status, or race they may be.

Can you believe that something as fun as the arts in schools can be this beneficial? That is why it is so important to support amazing organizations like Arts for Learning, they really are making a difference!

October 17, 2014

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