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What is Inside Arts?

By Cassie Grooms, Event Marketing Intern

Arts for Learning is raising money for their program called Inside Arts through a program called Giving Tuesday. Inside Arts is a unique program that brings art education to incarcerated youth at four different juvenile detention centers in Indiana.

One of our Arts for Learning artists, Bob Sander, who has worked with this program had this to say about it, “My hope is that by treating them no differently than another group of kids I tell stories to…that in some small sense my time with them appealed to their better natures, and allowed them, for a while, to focus, listen, empathize with others, and share their own stories and thoughts about stories. Those things have a way of sticking in the memory.”

With the help of people like you, and Giving Tuesday, we can raise money to keep this program alive. You can donate any dollar amount here, and Ernst & Young will match your donation. Thank you in advance for your contributions!


November 25, 2014
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