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Why Kids Need Music Class

cute-kid-smiling-at-naptown-fiveListening to music is the only activity that lights up the whole brain at once and those who engage in making music have visibly more connected brains than before learning to play or sing. New studies (controlling for performance before taking music classes) show links to higher GPAs, graduation rates, and attendance rates (especially on the days that music classes are held). Music instruction also seems to reduce discipline referrals for involved students, producing more positive views of school and closing achievement gaps between less advantaged students and their peers. These positive results may be rooted in music classes’ unique blend of shared leadership, where different roles are all necessary and students must work in harmony to produce effective ensemble performances. Such an environment results in the student experiencing a sense of identity as a “musician.” It also
provides students a safe-haven in a motivating peer group.”

Full article here.

August 25, 2014

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