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Last Day on the Job – Takeaways from my Time with Arts for Learning

 By David Johnson, Event Marketing Intern

I am saddened to say my Event Marketing Internship with Arts for Learning is coming to a conclusion.

David4During my internship with Arts for Learning I did anything from creating content for social media and our website, to helping set up and promote both Chocolate Fest and ITAI. I gathered and entered different types of data on various spreadsheets, sent an array of emails, presented to externs, learned more on how a nonprofit operates, and even attended a board meeting. The skills and experience I earned here will be transferable to future jobs and my career in general.

When I first started here at AFL I understood their “mission” but was unaware of how powerful connecting children with arts education can really be. When writing blogs for our news section I did research on the impact of arts education. I found numerous academic and credited studies claiming that this unique way of learning can engage students, inspire creativity, and create long term success years down the road. I myself am a firm believer in having strong numbers to back up a claim.

With that being said, I started leaning on the side of “Hey, maybe this arts education thing really does make a lasting impact” but it wasn’t until a week ago I was completely convinced.

I went with Joli Heaven and Julie Harris to a school to observe in person, for my first time, an assortment of programs going on in different classrooms. The lessons these artists were teaching the students while also making it a fun and interactive class was very eye opening to say the least.  After reading studies on the impact and then finally seeing it with my own two eyes I can honestly say I am believer, and supporter, of arts education.

I want to thank anyone that took the time to read my blog posts. I tried to make them easy to read but still informative, and I hope you enjoyed them!

I also want to thank the AFL staff for putting up with me for the past two months and a special thank you to my boss, Megan Watson. She is an awesome person to work with, very approachable, and always has a great attitude.

Even though my time with AFL is ending a couple weeks before expected it is with great excitement I can announce that I will now be interning at a startup company, based out of Indianapolis, called BoxFox. I doubt I would have been able to land another internship if it were not for Megan encouraging us interns to do so. She and Joli set aside a couple hours these past few weeks to help us with our professional development (resumes, LinkedIN profiles, and even a mock interview) and for that I am forever grateful.

November 7, 2014

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