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Why Music Matters

By David Johnson, Chocolate Fest Intern

“The same biological ingredients that are important for reading are those that are strengthened through playing a musical instrument.”

V0000931This was a quote from Dr. Nina Kraus who is a professor of communication sciences, neurobiology, and physiology, and the director of the Auditory Neuroscience Laboratory at Northwestern University. She has been studying the impact of music training on a child’s cognitive development for almost a decade. Her extensive research has been published in more than 200 journals and media publications.

Kraus and her team compare how the brains of musicians and non-musicians respond to sound and the impact music playing has on the musician’s attention, language, memory and reading abilities.

Her findings have a clear message for parents and policymakers.

“It’s not just about your child becoming a violinist,” said Kraus, “It’s about setting up your child to be a more effective learner for all kinds of things… The brain continues to profit long after the music lessons have stopped,”


Check out her slideshow here.

October 6, 2014

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