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National Medal of Arts and National Humanities Medal Presentation

By Sarah Mihich, Marketing Intern

“The arts and the humanities aren’t just there to be consumed and enjoyed whenever we have a free moment in our lives.  We rely on them constantly.  We need them.  Like medicine, they help us live” stated by President Obama on July 28, 2014 while presenting the 2013 National Medal of Arts and National Humanities Medal to individuals who made outstanding influences to the “excellence, growth, support, and availability of the arts in the United States.”

The National Medal of Arts was created and awarded by the U.S Congress in 1984 to honor artists or patrons of the arts. Those that are awarded with this honor are selected by the National Endowment for the Arts and is presented by the president each year.

The National Humanities Medal did not come until much later in 1997. This medal is presented and awarded to individuals or groups whose work has had an impact on the U.S’s understanding of humanities through engaging citizens in the arts. There can be up to 12 medals awarded each year.

You can either watch or read the transcript of President Obama’s remarks at the ceremony by clicking here.

August 11, 2014
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