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New Technology Can Change How We View Art

By Sarah Mihich, Marketing Intern

Have you ever been in an art museum that has been so crowded that you can’t even get up close to read the text about the piece? Well there is new technology out there that can solve how museum goers experience artwork at art museums. The Google Glass is being tested right now by a team from Manchester Metropolitan University on how this new technology can be used in art museums. The Google Glasses will be able to “display instant information on artworks as visitors walk round museums, possibly replacing gallery guidebooks and audio guides entirely.”

How does it work? The person who is wearing the spectacles takes a picture of the piece that they want to know more information about. Google Glass recognizes the piece and then gives the viewer information that would normally appear on the wall next to the piece.

Further research and tests are being conducted using the Google Glasses on 3-D works. Do you think this will solve the crowding in art museums? To learn more click this link.

June 23, 2014
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