Sixth and Final third space project at IPS #96

In April 2022 , Arts for Learning completed our sixth and final third space project. The project took place at Meredith Nicholson School 96, featuring artwork by Artur Silva. Silva’s installation, titled Networth, featured five 63 ft. vibrant large-scale hammocks suspended from the school gymnasium ceiling. The installation confronts and counteracts the current sociopolitical climate that surrounds issues related to immigration and the experiences of minority populations.  Networth offers a small respite from separation, rigidity, anxiety, and stress. Teaching Artist Eric Salazar completed a residency at the school to supplement the installation. The students enjoyed participating in music workshops with Eric and wrote thank you notes to show appreciation.  

Left to right: Eric Salazar, Teaching Artist; Megan Bogard Gettelfinger, ‘third space’ Project Manager; LaShonda Huff, Principal, IPS 96; Artur Silva, Artist; Ploi Pagdalian; Anya Aslanova;
Artist Artur Silva installing his artwork in the school gym.
Thank you note drawing from student at Meredith Nicholson 96

“Dear Guest Teacher,
Thank you for coming to our school. I really liked how you played and that you were nice and good at the clarinet. I liked how you play the clarinet because you did it high and low. I enjoyed the xylophone. I wonder who made the hammock.”

– Dewayne, student at Meredith Nicholson 96

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