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  • African Dance

    Ronne Stone

    21st Century Skills Communication Critical Thinking Flexible Themes Health & Wellness Life Skills Physical Education Teamwork

    Students will join the artist on a journey through the regions of Mali, Senegal, Gambia and Guinea learning cultural traditions of song and dance along the way.  With the use of body movement, students will explore the elements of rhythm, shape, space, force/energy, patterns, and stories.

    • Grades: Pre-K
    • Length: 90 min
    • Audience Limit: 20
    Single: $155
  • Creating Courage

    Sapphire Theatre Company

    This performance will show students that even when they are afraid, there are ways that they can find courage. The actor will face his fear of storms using simple Shakespearean text and the power of language. Students will participate from their seats to create storm sounds.

    • Grades: Pre-K
    • Length: 30 min
    • Audience Limit: 120
    Single: $208
  • Creative Dance

    Melli Hoppe

    Flexible Themes Health & Wellness Physical Education

    Seasons, life cycles of plants and animals, feelings, and colors can all be used as inspiration for dance. Beginning with a warm-up that fosters creativity, Melli leads students in free movement exercises and then concludes with a movement activity that addresses classroom themes.

    • Grades: Pre-K
    • Length: 90 min
    • Audience Limit: 20

    90 minute Workshop: $155
    Mileage from Michigan City, IN additional

  • Crumpet the Trumpet

    Fort Wayne Dance Collective

    Watch the enchanting musical tale of the award winning* children’s book, Crumpet the Trumpet, by Kristine Papillon come to life through movement!  This multi-media production blends together a soundtrack of classical music, beautiful illustrations from the book, and dance, as Mrs. Trumpet tries to soothe baby Crumpet to sleep.  This interactive show will have children creating their own unique movement for each different instrument, and give them the chance to touch and see live classical instruments up close.  Crumpet the Trumpet will inspire children to explore and celebrate the arts through music, dance, and literature!

    • Grades: Pre-KK-26-8
    • Length: 45 min
    • Audience Limit: 300
    Single: $727 Double: $1,142
  • Drum it Out!

    Jalynn Simmons

    21st Century Skills Communication Health & Wellness Language Arts Life Skills Math Patterns & Sequence Reading Teamwork

    Students will discover their own rhythm through evidence based active engagement in hand drumming and (RMM) recreational music making activities.  Self- Esteem, Teamwork, Active Engagement, Self-Motivation, Social Skills, Life Skills, Reading Skills, Self-Respect, Math Skills, Self-control, Focus In a Learning Environment, Respect for Peers, Creative Self-Expression are addressed.

    • Grades: Pre-KK-23-56-89-12
    • Length: 47 min
    • Audience Limit: 30
    Single: $116 Multiple: $93
  • Harp Music & Stories

    Melissa Gallant

    Flexible Themes Language Arts Listening & Speaking

    Students are introduced to the concert harp and will explore the connections between language and music. Students will learn to identify and respond to contrasting sounds, and will understand that musical concepts bring stories to life by communicating feelings and emotions.

    *Version available for infants and toddlers

    • Grades: Pre-K
    • Length: 90 min
    • Audience Limit: 20

    90 minute Workshop: $207

  • Harp Sounds – Music & Stories

    Melissa Gallant

    Communication Language Arts Life Skills Listening & Speaking

    Language arts concepts will come alive as students learn that music is like a story we read. Students will see how sound patterns can be transformed into music, as the artist directs students to listen for specific sounds.

    • Grades: Pre-KK-23-56-8
    • Length: 45 min
    • Audience Limit: 150
    Single: $286 Double: $494
  • House Full of Friends

    Sofiya Inger

    21st Century Skills Language Arts

    Teaching young people to share, accept differences, and work together peacefully, this interactive program starts with a story of a tiny blue house full of very colorful characters. Students will play with shapes and forms from recycled materials, learn how to fold, bend, score, and attach them to build their own “homes full of friends,” where everyone has a place to stay and a story to tell. Hand-eye coordination, spatial perception, independent decision making, and visual storytelling are important goals of the workshop, but, most importantly, it will be fun!

    • Grades: Pre-K
    • Length: 90 min
    • Audience Limit: 20
    Single: $180
  • Learning Syllables through Drumming

    Lawrence Clark, III

    Communication Language Arts Life Skills Listening & Speaking

    Students will experiment with words, syllables, and articulation and create their own patterns of sounds. Students will learn about rhythm, patterns, sing songs, and rhymes.

    • Grades: Pre-K
    • Length: 90 min
    • Audience Limit: 20

    90 minute Workshop: $181