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  • 1 Seuss, 2 Seuss: A Pair of Programs

    Will Gould

    Communication Critical Thinking Listening & Speaking Poetry Reading U.S. History & Culture World History & Culture

    K-3rd: Ted I’ve Read
    Beginner Books (times 4) prove that Seuss is no bore! Faithful pachyderm sitting, hopped pop, tooth book & participatory mooing all with an acting point of view, because reading should be fun for students and you!

    4-6th: WWII and Dr. Seuss, Too
    Find out how Dr. Seuss’s experiences as an officer in WWII changed children’s literature forever. A dictating turtle and Whos with small voices will help your students think about history and what influences writers and actors.

    • Grades: K-23-5
    • Length: 45 min
    • Audience Limit: 300
    Single: $299 Double: $598
  • A Recipe for Jazz

    Cathy Morris

    U.S. History & Culture

    Students will be introduced to jazz, funk, blues, Latin, and Cajun styles of music played on electric violins, keyboards, percussion, electric bass, and drums. This program includes exciting student interaction and audience participation.

    • Grades: 3-56-89-12
    • Length: 45 min
    • Audience Limit: 300
    Single: $649 Double: $851