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  • 1 Seuss, 2 Seuss: A Pair of Programs

    Will Gould

    Communication Critical Thinking Listening & Speaking Poetry Reading U.S. History & Culture World History & Culture

    K-3rd: Ted I’ve Read
    Beginner Books (times 4) prove that Seuss is no bore! Faithful pachyderm sitting, hopped pop, tooth book & participatory mooing all with an acting point of view, because reading should be fun for students and you!

    4-6th: WWII and Dr. Seuss, Too
    Find out how Dr. Seuss’s experiences as an officer in WWII changed children’s literature forever. A dictating turtle and Whos with small voices will help your students think about history and what influences writers and actors.

    • Grades: K-23-5
    • Length: 45 min
    • Audience Limit: 300
    Single: $299 Double: $598