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Henry Ford: Fit to a “T” (Grade levels 5-12)

Why do American schools celebrate the pioneers moving west and not the pioneers of industry?  Between 1895 and 1920, five hundred car companies began in abandoned buildings and stables, mostly in the Midwest.  All but a few had closed by the Great Depression.  Henry Ford was a visionary who made the working class Middle class, created the greatest car of the twentieth century, and then trapped himself in a world of hate and disillusionment.  He was a man of infinite contradictions.  Let him try to explain why.

The year is 1932. Union/management confrontations are on the rise, unemployment is rampant, and fascism seems a viable political alternative. Henry Ford, the man who put the world on wheels, thinks he has found a solution. During this interactive play, Henry will talk to a room full of car dealers about his past, the new Ford V-8, and the future of soybeans. It appears to be an optimistic moment in a negative time.

A special version of this program focusing more on the history of the auto industry and its effects on our lives is available for grades 3-6.

This program meets standards in Social Studies, and U.S. History & Culture.

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