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Students will build comprehension and appreciation of literature and writing composition. They will compare the auditory composition of drum rhythms with visual and kinesthetic movement combined in an experience with sculpture. This gives students multi-sensory examples that they can then apply to reading and writing as they understand elements of introduction, body and conclusion, or character, setting and plot.

K-12.RL.1, K-12.RL.2.1, K-12.RL.2.2, K-12.RL.2.3, K-12.RL.2.4

Information to Know Before You Schedule a Program


30 students per workshop unless otherwise noted.
300 students per performance unless otherwise noted.


Double: Two performances, one right after the other.
Subsequent: Additional sessions on the same day in the same location.


45 minutes per workshops unless otherwise noted.
45 minutes per performances unless otherwise noted.


Arts for Learning is a not-for-profit organization. All of our artists are professional teaching artists who are paid for their time and talents.

The fees listed in this catalog represent approximately half of the actual cost of producing and delivering these programs to our community. These fees are subsidized through fundraising, grants, and donations and with support from many organizations, corporations and individuals.

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