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The Math in Your Feet residency leads students through the problem solving process of creating their own percussive dance patterns. Along the way, they increase their understanding of mathematical topics such as congruence, same/different,  symmetry, transformation, angles/degrees, attributes, manipulation of complex moving patterns, mapping on a coordinate grid, as well as deep experience with mathematical practices and problem solving.

This program meets standards in 21st Century Skills, Communication, Critical Thinking, Health & Wellness, Life Skills, Math, Patterns & Sequence, Physical Education, Problem Solving, and Teamwork.

Information to Know Before You Schedule a Program

2-Day: $600 up to 4 classrooms
5-Day: $1500 up to 4 classrooms
Other lengths available
Mileage from Bloomington, IN additional

30 students per workshop unless otherwise noted.
300 students per performance unless otherwise noted.


Double: Two performances, one right after the other.
Subsequent: Additional sessions on the same day in the same location.


45 minutes per workshops unless otherwise noted.
45 minutes per performances unless otherwise noted.


Arts for Learning is a not-for-profit organization. All of our artists are professional teaching artists who are paid for their time and talents.

The fees listed in this catalog represent approximately half of the actual cost of producing and delivering these programs to our community. These fees are subsidized through fundraising, grants, and donations and with support from many organizations, corporations and individuals.

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