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  • Customized Clay Installations

    Jude Odell

    21st Century Skills Critical Thinking Flexible Themes Life Skills

    Five visits with a clay artist. Students will either make individual clay pieces or create a collaborative large permanent installation of clay tiles.

    • Grades: K-23-56-89-12
    • Length: 45 min
    • Audience Limit: 30

    Call for Individualized pricing
    Materials: $30 per classroom

  • Dance and the Environment

    Melli Hoppe

    Critical Thinking Health & Wellness Life Skills Physical Education Science Teamwork

    Students will be introduced to the elements of dance through warm-up exercises. They will participate in a group cooperation exercise that involves shape and levels.  Students will learn actions they can take to help care for the environment.

    • Grades: 3-5
    • Length: 45 min
    • Audience Limit: 30

    Call office for pricing
    Mileage from Michigan City, IN additional

  • Digital Video Game Design

    AFL Signature Residencies

    21st Century Skills Critical Thinking Language Arts Life Skills Technology

    This residency for Middle and High School students turns video games into a fun learning tool. Students will brainstorm game concepts, learn basics of designing video games, and begin to create a rudimentary computer game. This program can vary in theme and focus based on the students’ needs.

    • Grades: 3-56-89-12
    • Length: 45 min
    • Audience Limit: 300

    Developed in collaboration with AFL program staff and have multiple choices for customizing. Prices vary, call for details.

  • Drum it Out!

    Jalynn Simmons

    21st Century Skills Communication Health & Wellness Language Arts Life Skills Math Patterns & Sequence Reading Teamwork

    Students will discover their own rhythm through evidence based active engagement in hand drumming and (RMM) recreational music making activities.  Self- Esteem, Teamwork, Active Engagement, Self-Motivation, Social Skills, Life Skills, Reading Skills, Self-Respect, Math Skills, Self-control, Focus In a Learning Environment, Respect for Peers, Creative Self-Expression are addressed.

    • Grades: Pre-KK-23-56-89-12
    • Length: 47 min
    • Audience Limit: 30
    Single: $116 Multiple: $93
  • Every Picture Tells a Story

    William Rasdell & Bob Sander

    21st Century Skills Communication Critical Thinking Language Arts Life Skills

    Multiple visits with both a storyteller and a photographer. Students will take a family photo and learn how to “read it”, turning that photograph into a story. Includes a student performance.

    • Grades: 3-56-89-12
    • Length: 45 min
    • Audience Limit: 300

    8-day: $1209

  • Getting Personal: Life Stories from the Great Outdoors

    Bob Sander


    This workshop provides an opportunity to remember, focus, assemble, then present with clarity and force a personal narrative about our own outdoor experience(s). Using modeling by the presenter, student stories will join the genre of Nature writers that includes Aldo Leopold, John Muir, Rachel Carson, and Henry David Thoreau. The students will work in pairs in the creation process and present individually in front of the class and gather feedback from peers.

    • Grades: 3-5
    • Length: 45 min
    • Audience Limit: 30

    5-day: Call for pricing.

  • Graphic Novel Illustration

    Jingo M. de La Rosa

    Communication Creative Writing

    Students will learn many of the components of creating a graphic novel including story and character creation, panels, perspective and speech. Students will take stories they know or a topic chosen by the teacher and create several pages of a graphic novel either in small groups or independently.

    • Grades: 6-89-12
    • Length: 45 min
    • Audience Limit: 30
    Subsequent: $518 Materials: $20 per class

    5 days long for full residency

  • Math in Your Feet – Residency

    Malke Rosenfeld

    21st Century Skills Communication Critical Thinking Health & Wellness Life Skills Math Patterns & Sequence Physical Education Problem Solving Teamwork

    The Math in Your Feet residency leads students through the problem solving process of creating their own percussive dance patterns. Along the way, they increase their understanding of mathematical topics such as congruence, symmetry, transformation, angles and degrees, attributes, categorical variables, manipulation of complex patterns, mapping on a coordinate grid, as well as deep experience with mathematical practices and problem solving.

    • Grades: 3-5
    • Length: 60 min
    • Audience Limit: 30

    2-Day: $600 up to 4 classrooms
    5-Day: $1500 up to 4 classrooms
    Other lengths available
    Mileage from Bloomington, IN additional