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From lively plays to dazzling dance displays, Arts for Learning’s performers do far more than just put on a show. Their programs and services introduce students to new art forms in a fresh way while supporting various curricular areas.

Arts for Learning provides programs for any school, classroom, or community center. Our programs, led by professional teaching artists, encompass music, dance, theater, visual arts, writing, and more.

At the foundation of every core service are the Arts For Learning Four Essential Elements that guarantee the strength and quality of each experience. These elements are:

EXPERIENCE providing participants with a live, professional-level art experience delivered by a professional artist.
UNDERSTAND providing participants with a new or enhanced understanding of an artform; it’s cultural context, history, tools, contemporary forms, etc.
CREATE providing participants with the opportunity to participate in the process of creating and empowering them to make artistic choices.
CONNECT providing participants with a link between program content to personal experiences, other academic learning, and/or life skill development.

Our Core Services

These core services are created to fit within a variety of academic and life skill curricula.


Students learn as they view our high quality performances, and engage in exciting hands-on experiences during the show.


In our interactive workshops, students work collaboratively with a teaching artist in a focused classroom setting. Typically conducted with a group of no more than 30 students and lasting about 45 minutes, these fun sessions give students the chance to create unique works and gain further understanding about an art form and content area. This creative process improves their ingenuity, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills.


During a residency, students enjoy the benefits that come with extended exposure to an art form. Our residencies are curriculum-based and consist of multiple sessions—three or more—in which a teaching artist works with the same group of students in a focused setting over a period of time. Because of their length, residencies give students the chance to learn on a deeper level. They can span weeks, months, or even an entire school year. Because of their length, residencies give students the chance to learn on a deeper level and for teachers to experience the teaching artist’s strategies in using the arts to leverage learning in content areas.

Teacher Training

Arts for Learning offers training sessions for elementary and middle school teachers. These participatory sessions provide strategies on how to use the arts to leverage learning in other content areas making student learning more meaningful and engaging.

If you are interested in a certain type of workshop or residency tailored for a particular lesson or time of year, we can design a custom program that suits your unique needs. These tailored programs are co-planned with each teaching artist and created with the assistance of an Arts for Learning program staffPlease contact Ploi Pagdalian at

Our Program Initiatives

Arts for Learning programs evolve to meet the needs of the community. These program initiatives are customized to be relevant to each partner’s unique situation.

Early Childhood

From birth to 8, we have them covered!  Arts for Learning provides age-appropriate early childhood programming for toddler, preschool and kindergarten settings.  We have a select group of teaching artists with training and experience in meeting the needs of early learners. These programs are designed with guidance of experts in early childhood education to assure age- appropriateness and meaningful connections to student learning.


Responding to the needs of the community, we offer Intergenerational Programs as well as Arts for Healing programs in health care settings and services for at-risk youth.

Out-of-School Programs

Engaging, high-quality afterschool and summer programming is critically important. Arts For Learning offers a variety of programs—many of them aligned with academic standards in math, reading, and writing—for use during out-of-school hours. These programs are flexible in terms of time, scheduling, and price, and provide a fun way for learning to extend beyond classroom instruction.

Corporate Teambuilding

Arts for Learning isn’t just for kids anymore! If you have a need to build and/or improve team dynamics in your organization why not get the creative juices and teamwork flowing through a teaching artist from Arts for Learning?  Our teaching artists can customize activities to develop an exciting and interactive workshop that will become the catalyst that drives performance to the next level.  Schedule a workshop or a series of workshop for small teams or to inspire large groups in an interactive performance.

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