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Public Art in Jennings County

Call to Artists: 

Arts for Learning is seeking an artist or artist collective to work as an independent contractor/s to create new and original public artworks of which the design and inspiration must come from the community and through youth-led activities.

Project Overview: Student-inspired public art created through a Design Thinking process.

Project Goal: Execute two public art pieces in consultation with a group of high school artists.

Selected artist(s) will:

In the school 

  • Meet with high school students who have already been through a brainstorming process
  • Continue work with students honing ideas and execution plan
  • Participate in a culminating/reveal event in May

In the community

  • Attend up to two community meetings led by the youth and use the community input for the final project idea

On your own

  • Study the ideas presented by the students and community and create a plan for execution
  • Create a student workshop for the participating youth to learn about your medium
  • Make sure the project plan stays within budget for materials and propose alternate materials or ideas to keep project on budget
  • Source and order all materials needed for project execution
  • Execute final artwork/s on the sites selected by the community
  • Plan final artwork for students to execute on school grounds


January 2018 – February 2018: Workshops with students

February 2018: Two community events

February – April 2018: Planning and building of artwork

May 2018: Completion of project and culminating event/project reveal

Additional Requirements:

  • Three planning meetings with Arts for Learning, as needed
  • Participation in pre & post-event survey and assessments
  • Required photo submissions documenting creation process
  • Regular updates (photo or video conference) for students and Arts for Learning


All-inclusive fee for time, materials, cost of installation, transportation (if necessary), and other related expenses – $5,000

To Apply for consideration:

Email a cover letter and resume detailing exhibition or installation experience as well as any art education experience to Please include photos or websites of portfolio examples if possible. Please include the name of the project in your application.

Preference is given to artists in or near Jennings County.

Applications accepted through: January 22, 2018