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Hank Fincken

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Hank’s grandfather used to say, “Go Back far enough and every successful family begins with a horse thief.” Then let’s take it as a given: All historical characters have serious flaws, just like you and me.  Hank’s goal in representing famous people from history is not to explore a rosy past but rather to better understand mistakes while keeping in mind noble intentions and achievements.  Of my eight original one-man historical plays, six are appropriate for your venue.

For thirty years, Hank has presented historical plays with a bite.  He wants the audience to understand that the past was as complex as the present and the only way to improve this inherited culture of ours is to honestly discuss virtues and flaws.   No two performances are the same because all Hank’s plays are interactive, and they evolve according to the interests of each audience.  In one play, the main character says, “The History you get depends on the questions you ask.”

Hank provides award-winning study guides.  If the audience (student or adult) comes prepared, Hank can go deeper into the material.  Hank interprets prepared students as a sign that the teacher is as committed to the success of the presentation as he is.  Hank speaks to a venue representative long before he arrives to make sure he covers the issues that the teachers and/or audience think are important.

Hank has added a new STEM component to all his plays. Details about this, and how his programs meet state standards, are available upon request.

He was given the title “Master Artist” by The Indiana Arts Commission, and the Achievement and Service Award by The Indiana Theatre Association.   He has performed all across this nation and in Guatemala, Peru, Ecuador, and Spain.  In the summer of 2019, Hank received his seventh national Pinnacle Award for his teaching of History and Creative Writing through video conferencing.

To learn more about Hank, visit his website.


Henry Ford: Fit to a “T”

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Single $422
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Single $422
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