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At left is a quick overview of Arts for Learning as seen through our work with IPS in the 2022-23 school year. Since its founding in 1961, Arts for Learning has partnered with IPS to provide arts experiences that improve academic performance, teach creative problem-solving, develop social and emotional skills, and enhance student self-esteem.

For a more comprehensive overview of the work we do, see our video of the same IPS program, featuring IPS Director of Enrichment Programs and the Director of Student Enrichment and Extended Learning as well as principals at IPS Schools Raymond F. Brandes School 65 and Jonathan Jennings School 109 and teachers and students from those schools and Daniel Webster School 46, Eleanor Skillen School 34, and James A. Garfield School 31.

About Us

Since 1961, Arts for Learning has been the premier provider of arts education programs for youth in the state. Each year, we partner with schools and community organizations throughout the state to engage approximately 40,000 youth in the arts.

Featured Program


ArtForce is a three-week summer program perfect for high school students interested in exploring the arts as a possible college and/or career options.

Recent News

third space at IPS #96

Arts for Learning completed our sixth and final third space project. The project took place at Meredith Nicholson School 96, featuring artwork by Artur Silva.

Children and adults sitting in a school gym participating in a workshop
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