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Are you interested in bringing the arts to your classroom? Need inspiration to find the perfect arts integration model for your students? Look no further than our documentation website! There you will find case studies demonstrating how our teaching artists connect with the curriculum and provide memorable experiences in the arts.

Arts for Learning is providing an artist performance, workshop or residency at a school, community site, or other program your child is involved in. Arts for Learning is the oldest and largest provider of professional arts education programs for children in the state. We work with over 100 artists and organizations in the community to provide children with the opportunity to experience the arts directly. We are a non-profit organization and our ability to continue to bring artist programs to your child’s school or community center depends in a large part on grants and donations.

Funding Solutions

Run for the Arts

Run for the Arts is a fun, school-friendly way to raise money dedicated specifically to Arts for Learning programming.

Each school holds its own Run for the Arts event, which varies in format. Run for the Arts costs nothing up front for the school and Arts for Learning will provide all of the necessary materials, experience, and support to manage the funds raised. The school can then use the funds on Arts for Learning programming of its choice.

Holding a Run for the Arts event is a great way to ensure the arts will continue to be an integral part of your school year. Contact your regional Program Director for more information on or to sign up for this fundraising opportunity.

Grants for Teachers

Arts for Learning takes pride in connecting teachers and administrators to resources that can help them overcome a lack of funding for arts education programming. For additional advice or to request the review of a grant proposal, contact Jessica Knudsen, Grants Manager, at

Title Funding and School Sponsorships

Did you know that the arts are now included in the definition of a “well-rounded education”? This means you can use money from Title I, II, III, and IV to support arts-integrated programs and professional development offered by Arts for Learning.

Contact one of our experienced Program Directors to learn more about how to make the Titles work for your school and to initiate a School Partnership. Together, we can make the arts an important part of every student’s education.

Or, learn more here:

Indiana School Foundations

School foundations work every day to serve big needs in their communities. Many operate as non-profit organizations with staff dedicated to providing resources and support to administrators, teachers, and students in their local district.

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