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Did you know that the arts are now included in the definition of a “well-rounded education”? This means you can use money from Title I, II, III, and IV to support arts-integrated programs and professional development offered by Arts for Learning.


Title IV, Part A is a federal funding source broken up in to three main focus areas under ESSA. Funds are available to all public school districts and charter schools that receive Title I funds.


Explore grant opportunities on the Indy Arts Education Guide to find resources to bring the arts to your classroom or community.


School foundations work every day to serve big needs in their communities. Many operate as non-profit organizations with staff dedicated to providing resources and support to administrators, teachers, and students in their local district.

Need Additional Support?

Contact one of our experienced Program Directors to learn more about how to make the Titles work for your school and to initiate a School Partnership. Together, we can make the arts an important part of every student’s education.

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AFL End of Year Survey

Arts for Learning creates program based on the needs and assets of our school partners. Could you help inform what our programming should look like next year? Fill out this short survey and let us know!


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