Initiatives are large-scale projects, which may encompass workshops, performance, extended residencies, as well as public artworks or content-specific programming.

Arts Integration Residency for Educators Fellowship

The Arts Integration Residency Educator Fellowship is an opportunity for Indiana educators to partner with teaching artists to develop and implement creative, arts-integrated residencies for the students in their classroom.

third space

An installation of a transformative work of art created by established local artists. 

Fresh StART

Fresh StART aims to enhance a school’s sense of pride and strengthen its connection to the surrounding community by improving an underused area, within or around the school, with an art installation inspired by students.

Woman playing acoustic guitar surrounded by children sitting on the floor

Wolf Trap

Wolf Trap Institute for Early Learning Through the Arts is the flagship education program of Wolf Trap Foundation for the Performing Arts. A nationally recognized leader in early childhood arts-based learning, Wolf Trap Institute trains early childhood educators to use the performing arts as a teaching strategy to engage children in active learning across curricula. Arts for Learning Indiana is proud to be Central Indiana Wolf Trap.

ArtForce Summer Program

ArtForce is a three-week summer program perfect for high school students interested in exploring the arts as a possible college and/or career options.

Arts & Literacy

Arts & Literacy is a year-long residency that utilizes a school’s reading and language arts curriculum as the basis for artist-led workshops, reinforcing reading and literacy goals. Teaching artists connect learning in the arts with students’ literacy lessons in the classroom, reinforcing student understanding of grade-level specific reading and ELA standards, increasing literacy growth, and emphasizing SEL competencies.

Artists Building Community

The Artist Building Community (ABC) Fellowship is an inquiry-based, people-centered approach that empowers teaching artists building partnerships in their community. The Fellowship pairs an AFL Teaching Artist, a Lead Teacher, and an AFL staff member in an 18-month deep dive into the culture of a school community.

ABC Monthly Newsletter Form

Please submit this form to Clockwork by the 1st day of each month, summarizing and documenting the work you have put in the past month. Just one form per school 🙂 I’ll put the content you send me together, make it look snazzy, and send it back to folks to be informed for our monthly meetings!

Max. file size: 50 MB.
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