Post Program Survey

If you’ve recently experienced an Arts for Learning program in your school or organization, please fill out our post program survey.

By filling out this survey you are helping us gauge the efficacy of our programming in your school or organization. All recorded responses will be carefully reviewed and considered by our Programming Team; we encourage you to leave detailed and honest responses in this survey. Thank you!

How well did the program connect to your curriculum (5 is highly connected)(Required)
Did the program highlight an SEL concept? Check all that apply(Required)
Could you share some feedback about the artistry in the program? Check all that apply:(Required)
Did this program contain elements of anti-racist education? Check all that apply(Required)
Do you feel this program needs any improvements?(Required)
How were you made aware of this Arts for Learning Program?(Required)
Considering your overall experience with Arts for Learning, how likely are you to recommend AFL to a colleague? (10 is highly likely)(Required)
This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

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