Fresh StART

Fresh StART aims to enhance a school’s sense of pride and strengthen its connection to the surrounding community by improving an underused area, within or around the school, with an art installation inspired by students.

Fresh StART enriches the  standard school  curriculum and  supports  the wider educational  agenda. This project engages strategic partnerships with local organizations to assist with outreach efforts and encourage wider community participation in this project.  

Fresh StART is a youth-led, arts-based program to improve areas in and around school communities through art. One primary objective of Fresh StART is to strengthen a community’s sense of pride by stabilizing and improving an underused area, within or around the school, through the installation of public art inspired by ideas generated by students at local schools. Through project-based learning and design thinking, students engage in the full creative process to realize a permanent public artwork.

Participating Artists:

Meredith Brickell

Brent Aldrich with Consuelo Poland

Quincy Owens

Quincy Owens

Bobbie K Owens

Artur Silva

Alfred Taylor

Kimberly McNeelan

Christi Ziebarth

Christi Ziebarth

Quincy Owens

For more information about bringing a Fresh StART project to your school community, contact Ploi Pagdalian at [email protected].

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