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From learning a dance, song, craft, visual expression, or cultural element in a way that fosters deeper understanding, students are led by professional teaching artists in 45 minute hands-on creative arts experiences in the classroom (up to 30 students) though our hands-on workshops.


Whether in-person, livestream or pre-recorded, our Interactive Performances are large assemblies (up to 300 students) led by professional teaching artists who engage students in a 45 minute high-quality, interactive show. Performances invite students to experience a professional dance, theater, storytelling, or music program right in their school.


Curriculum-based and goal oriented, In-Depth residencies are sequential learning series of three or more visits in which a teaching artist works with the same class in a focused setting. The residencies start with a planning meeting between the classroom teacher/site coordinator and often close with a reflection meeting to discuss the outcomes.

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