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From learning a dance, song, craft, visual expression, or cultural element in a way that fosters deeper understanding, students are led by professional teaching artists in 45 minute hands-on creative arts experiences in the classroom (up to 30 students) though our hands-on workshops.


Whether in-person, livestream or pre-recorded, our Interactive Performances are large assemblies (up to 300 students) led by professional teaching artists who engage students in a 45 minute high-quality, interactive show. Performances invite students to experience a professional dance, theater, storytelling, or music program right in their school.


Curriculum-based and goal oriented, In-Depth residencies are sequential learning series of three or more visits in which a teaching artist works with the same class in a focused setting. The residencies start with a planning meeting between the classroom teacher/site coordinator and often close with a reflection meeting to discuss the outcomes.

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Children dancing in a gym with a wan placing a woodwind instrument in the background

Sixth and Final third space project at IPS #96

In April 2022 , Arts for Learning completed our sixth and final third space project. The project took place at Meredith Nicholson School 96, featuring artwork by Artur Silva. Silva’s installation, titled Networth, featured five 63 ft. vibrant large-scale hammocks suspended from the school gymnasium ceiling. The installation confronts and counteracts the current sociopolitical climate that…

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