TAB: Artist Spotlight | Vivian

This year, Arts for Learning launched it’s first Teen Advisory Board. Six Central Indianapolis high school youth serve as arts ambassadors, advocating for the arts and supporting our organization. Arts for Learning is highlighting each of these youth to showcase their own talent as young artists in the community.

Meet TAB member and artist Vivian who attends Herron High School!

Describe your art, its meaning, and style in ten words or less.

My pottery has a simplistic style and is purely meant to relax me.

How have you been influenced in regards to your art?

Being able to come home, relax and throw on the wheel or sculpt significantly changes my mood and state of mind to a more positive and relaxed place. So I’d say that it influences me as well as everyone that has to put up with me on a daily basis.

Who is one figure in your life (that you know) who has been instrumental in making you an artist? 

I was always lucky to have the support of my dad, who helps with the expenses of  my materials and has always encouraged this hobby from the moment I showed even an ounce of interest in it. 

Which artists do you think have most influenced or helped you craft your style?

More than anyone I’ve found the work of Andrew Molleur and Natalie Weinberger to influence me. They’re both potters that have a beautiful take on minimalism with distinct and interesting shapes involved. Their work is some I’ve taken much inspiration from.

When/how did you realize that art was something important to you? 

About three years ago when I started working with clay on a regular basis I came to understand how much it put me at ease and affected my day and being able to express myself through a pile of mud is pretty neat.

What do you think us humans need art? Do you think society can exist without artistic expression?

Humans need art because it’s the most freeing way of expression. It can be literally anything which anyone can participate in and it’s a beautiful thing.

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